Massage Benefits

A touch used for the therapeutic benefit - to relax and sooth the body and mind
 Profound and positive effects on our well-being. Combating stress, expelling toxins, relieving muscle soreness, congestion between joints, easing chronic pain, while increasing flexibility.
Regular sessions: Significantly reduce stress, tension headaches, boost immune system promoting restful sleep. Stimulate proper circulation assisting oxygen and blood to flow through the body improving concentration level.
 Caution Warning!!! 
For some medical conditions and or medications you may consume. Massage can increase or decrease the condition. A great rule of thumb is...if your not sure if massage is good ideal due to a certain illness, disease, or medications. Consult with the doctor to make sure massage is beneficial.
Contraindication: is a condition in which massage could aggravate..meaning that there are no reasonable circumstances for undertaking a course of action. Or that the patient is at higher risk of complications, but that these risks may be outweighed by other consideration or measures.
  • Contagious conditions
  • Acute conditions
  • Any condition that causes Fever
  • Life-Threatening conditions
  • Under any type alcohol/drug influence

Massage helps to maintain wellness, encouraging the return of good health.
A great factor for overall well-being.

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